Meet the Team

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Kobi Goodwin

A N.Y. based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and High Holiday cantorial soloist. A graduate of Columbia University, he has performed around the world, including in Chile, Panama, France, and in the White House for President and First Lady Obama as a member of Pizmon, Columbia’s co-ed Jewish a cappella group.

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Rachel Weston

A U.K. based singer, song-collector and cantor in training at Hebrew Union College. She researches and performs various strands of Jewish folk repertoire and is interested in Yiddish folk music as a reflection of human experience, particularly the movement and migration of Ashkenazi Jews. Within the UK she has  co-ordinated and taught Yiddish song and Niggunim workshop programmes for the Jewish Music Institute and the London Yiddish choir. In North America, she has sung at the JCC Manhattan, the Montreal jewish music festival, Klezkanada, and the Ashkenaz festival, Toronto. 


Daniel Adda

An Israeli based musician, producer and a multi instrumentalist. 

Daniel plays Drums, Guitars, Arabic strings instruments and piano. 

He is a member in a several music productions from a variety of genres such as Piyut, Arabic and Indie Pop.  

Daniel was an emissary at RAMAH community in California for several years and besides being a musician he is an educator.

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Efrat Kuzin

An Israeali musician,an actress, a songwriter and a mind-body balance practitioner. She aspires to touch the points of contact that connect sanctity and secularity, loneliness and loneliness and intimacy. She expresses her ideas in a unique, open and feminine style.