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Hear from our participants

A Highly recommended experience with one of the most talented, open, loving souls - Yonatan.

What a dream!

Naomi Efrat, Spiritual Director Kehilat Lev, Israel

I felt that all sides of my body and soul were being nourished; that I could be fully present in body, while relating to Jewish themes and prayer. Yonatan has a special way of bringing together novices and expert dancers, making everyone feel at ease, and creating a special sense of unity in the group as a whole.

Rachel Shlomit, A Developmental psychologist, Israel

I attended Yonatan's workshop in Kuchin, India. It was an amazing experience, I felt incredibly
relaxed and peaceful, I have never experienced such a great movement workshop, I highly
recommend it.

Kenan Samson, Computer engineer,  India

It was a mesmerizing experience, pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Yonatan and his team are magical. I highly recommend it.

Inspiring. Such a missing and needed way to connect to the Divine. Yonatan is a special kind of spiritual leader.

Jeff Dreifus, HUC-JIR Rabbinical Student, N.Y.C

The MoveMeant workshops are deeply inspiring experiences that help you connect with yourself and others, and Yonatan is a wonderful teacher and guide

Michael Goldberg, Graduate Student, New School, N.Y.C

A beautiful weaving of Jewish wisdom and artistic expression. Yonatan and the musicians he works with are gifted facilitators.  These workshops are great ways for groups to connect deeper, or grow creatively in a safe non judgmental space.

As a musician working with younatan it is always a pleasure to work with Yonatan to play and sing to his wonderful intentions and deep workshops.

Ido Ben Gal, pianist, cantor and opera singer

Yonatan and Kobi are wonderful people who create incredibly meaningful movement workshops. Each event is a new and exciting experience, enhanced by Yonatan’s inspiring guidance and Kobi’s uplifting music. I could not recommend MoveMeant more!

Heather Alper, a Jewish Professional

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