Hear from our participants

A Highly recommended experience with one of the most talented, open, loving souls - Yonatan.

What a dream!

Naomi Efrat, Spiritual Director Kehilat Lev, Israel

I felt that all sides of my body and soul were being nourished; that I could be fully present in body, while relating to Jewish themes and prayer. Yonatan has a special way of bringing together novices and expert dancers, making everyone feel at ease, and creating a special sense of unity in the group as a whole.

Rachel Shlomit, A Developmental psychologist, Israel

I attended Yonatan's workshop in Kuchin, India. It was an amazing experience, I felt incredibly
relaxed and peaceful, I have never experienced such a great movement workshop, I highly
recommend it.

Kenan Samson, Computer engineer,  India

It was a mesmerizing experience, pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Yonatan and his team are magical. I highly recommend it.

Inspiring. Such a missing and needed way to connect to the Divine. Yonatan is a special kind of spiritual leader.

Jeff Dreifus, HUC-JIR Rabbinical Student, N.Y.C

The MoveMeant workshops are deeply inspiring experiences that help you connect with yourself and others, and Yonatan is a wonderful teacher and guide

Michael Goldberg, Graduate Student, New School, N.Y.C