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Yonatan Arnon is a 5th year rabbinical student at Hebrew Union Colleger-Jewish Institute Religion in NYC. He holds a B.A in Jewish philosophy and theater from Hebrew University and while there, he served as a representative to the art faculty for the student government. Yonatan also holds an MBA in social entrepreneurship and NPO management from the Morton Mandel Social Leadership Program at Ben Gurion University.

As a certified facilitator (trained in Jewish and Israeli identity), Yonatan has worked over the last 10 years with NGOs in Israel including Gesher, Merkaz Herzog, and the Jerusalem Municipality Young Leadership program. 

Yonatan served for three years as the Jewish Agency Israel fellow to Columbia/Barnard Hillel, New York. 


For the past eight years, Yonatan has served Jewish communities such as Romemu, Lab/Shul, Navah Tehila, JDC Entwine and Kehilat Zion in different capacities.


Yonatan has also worked as a dialogue facilitator between Palestinians and Jews, and as an entrepreneur of interfaith communities and events both in Israel and NYC.


In 2017, Yonatan founded his signature "MoveMeant - Embodying Sacred Texts" workshops where he integrates his spiritual and movement practices.


For three years, Yonatan won the Be Wise Jewish Entrepreneurialism Fellowship for his signature MoveMeant-  Embodying Sacred Texts workshops. He has co-created over 140 in person and online MoveMeant workshops in diverse Jewish settings across the world including: US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and India alongside world-class musicians. 


Yonatan studied Clinical Pastoral Education and interned at the Osborne Association providing pastoral support to people involved in the criminal justice system, in the New Jewish Home with patients who are sick and dying for  the past 2 years.


Yonatan founded and is currently the director of Global Educational Tourism at Rashut Harabim, an umbrella organization for the renewal of Jewish life in Jerusalem.


Yonatan originates from Jerusalem, Israel and today resides in the Upper West Side of New York. He is an avid biker, mindfulness practitioner, dancer and lover of nature. 

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