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In-Person Workshops

Wellness and Mental Health:

We believe in and often witness the powerful healing potential of moving freely within our own body, in a safe visceral experience that allows us to heighten our awareness of the senses and refine our ability to see, feel and observe.

In a time when we may feel conditioned to sublimate constantly moving feelings into verbal expression, MoveMeant empowers participants on an embodied journey of emotional self-exploration.​

​Past wellness-based workshop themes have included “Embodying Self Care" Embodying Lovingkindness,” “Embodying Self-Love,” and “Embodying Gratitude.”

We create custom interactive workshops for participants from diverse spiritual backgrounds and physical abilities to feel more at peace and at home in their own body. MoveMeant offers workshops that are custom-tailored to the needs, ages, spiritual background or thematic focus of your organization. For any theme, we are able to design content for diverse age groups, ranging from kindergarten to seniors. 


Possible and past themes include:

Life Cycle events, Rituals, Holidays:

Our workshops can include traditional or themed music and activities, designed to help participants connect to a holiday, ritual or life-cycle event by interweaving the familiar with the exploratory.


Our in-house musicians and facilitators guide participants to find new meaning in sacred texts and ancient rituals, trusting our body to reveal new insights and act as the conduit between the heart and mind.

Past themes for holiday-based workshops range from “Embodying Kabbalat Shabbat/Havdalah,” to “Embodying Tu Bishvat,” Hanukkah, Purim, and more.

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