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  • Yonatan Arnon

Accepting a new feeling in the body

How do you accept a new feeling in your body?

Where in your body are you moved and can you breathe /expand and hold on to that feeling?

A blissful feeling of being held, seen and celebrated  by the Romemu Community on June 29th.

Musician Kobi Goodwin and I co-created a special "Celebrating Self Acceptenace & Community" workshop integrating Breath, Voice and dance techniques and an embodied Havdalla coated with a vegan craft chocolate tasting of slowcocoa.

The same community that both of us brought MoveMeant to in August 4th 2018.

Six years later, 5 workshops in Romemu and over 160 workshops online and in person I feel in my body a sense of tenderness, gratitude and accomplishment. Knowing that I brought to many people a touch of the sacred, a warm and accepting touch to themselves while exploring their movements alone and in community.

How have you touched the sacred with your body?

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops coming soon.


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