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  • Yonatan Arnon

Body Awakening

What awakens you?

What wakes you up from bed?

How can our body wake us up in the morning?

What body part can gently wake you up from bed?

Our body has an internal alarm/wake up clock of its own.

Awaken- Listen to what your embodied experience in the morning.

Before opening your eyes, enable your body to move you, to awaken your inner self.

Like a mother picking up her baby from bed so you too try to warmly and lovingly pick yourself up from bed.

How does your body move you out of bed?

Let us explore the meaning of our wake up movement.

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Laurie F Schwartz
Laurie F Schwartz
06 dic 2020

We love you. We love your creativity and your spirit. 💚💜💙❤️

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