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  • Yonatan Arnon

Human Being as a Tree of the Field

"Who among you—that enters and exits, and is strengthened by the Tree of Life, reaches its branches and bonds with its roots, eats of its fruit, sweeter than honey, bestowing life to the soul, tonic to the bones”. (Vol. I 193ab Zohar, Daniel Matt translation)

How can we connect our physicality to that of a tree? How can we be inspired to see in every tree a source of strength that might inspire us to take care of our own body?

In these challenging times where mother nature calls upon us to take care of it let us explore our interconnectedness with trees.

Which body part can be our root that grounds us, which body part might feel like a withering leaf that we should nourish and where are the parts that blossom and rejuvenate us?

"Like the tree, the human being is thirsty for water

Like the human being, the tree remains thirsty

And I know not

Where I was or where would I be

Like the tree of the field"

Natan Zach, an Israeli poet

What is our body's movement thirsty for in this time of the year?

Join us in MoveMeant to explore together.

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