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  • Yonatan Arnon

What sparks your light?

Imagine your body like a wick of a candle.

How can we sink into our body and explore the light we carry within us? Close your eyes, shift your awareness to one part of your body that you feel lit by.

Caress and warm it gently with your consciousness and energetically showering it

What part of your body ignites your light at this moment in time?

"כאור נגה הולך ואור עד נכון היום" משלי ד, 18

“Like a radiant sunlight, ever brightening until noon”

Proverbs 4, 18

In these darkest times of the year, we spark lights to remind us of the beauty within us. As we step into this Season of Lights, may we remind ourselves of the radiant light we carry within us.

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