Embodying Sacred Texts


Your Body as a vessel to connect

Today, more than ever, we might feel restricted in our physical space and challenged by our own physical being and our body. Our Workshops are a spiritually-infused embodied journey exploring connections with oneself, with community, and with the divine through non-verbal communication and movement. Our goal is that every human being might feel more at home and at peace in their own body.

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Online or In-Person Workshops

We incorporate mindfulness and movement techniques while reviving ancestral words and chants through live music, ritual, poetry, meditation and song. MoveMeant workshops have gone online since April 2020. To this end, MoveMeant creates embodied spiritual practices into fruition among individuals and communities alike from all over the world ( including Europe, Israel Canada, US,  and more )


About Me

Yonatan Arnon began dancing at an early age and has since dedicated much of his life to dancing, training, and performing in diverse movement techniques. For the past three years, he has integrated his spiritual and movement experiences, founding his signature "MoveMeant - Embodying Sacred Texts" workshops.



“A special journey integrating body and soul, music and texts. I warmly recommend this beautiful experience.”

Dr. Melila Hellner Eshed, Professor of Jewish Mysticism

“A beautiful weaving of Jewish wisdom and artistic expression. These workshops are great ways for groups to connect deeper, or grow creatively in a safe non judgmental space.”

Jessica Deutsch, A Jewish Visual Artist

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Upcoming Events

  • Embodying Havdalah, From Holy to Mundane
    Oct 23, 6:30 PM EDT
    New York, Online & Onsite, South Harlem, NYC
    Havdallah is one of the most multi-sensory ancestral Jewish rituals. Join this unique collaboration between MoveMeant- Embodying Sacred Texts, slowcocoa- vegan craft chocolate ( & FED ( to find out how we can embody its diverse components.
  • Embody & Journey of Self Love
    Sun, Jul 18
    Zoom Upon Registrtaion
    Jul 18, 12:00 PM
    Zoom Upon Registrtaion
    12 PM EST, 5 PM U.K, 7 PM Israel Join MoveMeant in moving between text, mindfulness, dance and community inspired by the transition between Tisha Be'Av to Tu Be'Av.





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